"Our work is dedicated to those chasing a dream in life, to those who can be stubborn and fall but  has always had the strength to stand up.

To those who try and those who never give up. Those who just know; know how to be optimistic  by always seeing the glass half full.

Those are the ones like us, who always look ahead, without envy or regrets. .Those who grow with their own experiences, those who believe in their future and never stop dreaming. Yeah, those who will feel old when dreams will make them sleep. "






The ambition for innovation has made MERELLI COMPOSITES a reality. An Italian company that for more than thirty years has been working in the field of advanced composite materials and for over a decade has been applying their technology in the Top Advanced Performance Sector, producing hi-tech products. Our team is young and dynamic, always contributing with hard work to the continuous research and development of materials, offering those, who trust our brand, products that are revolutionary and break through. 


The passion for this job and the precise pursuit of perfection, are the key translation of this great dream and MISSION, with the desire to look at the future with the ambition of the very first day.