Every ski made by Merelli hides in its inside a core of technology and innovation.

We look for the best every year in order to offer our clients products that are always brand new and ready for a great performance. The combination of layers, the weight of fibers and the internal know-how guarantee that Merelli's technology is always precisely applied on every product and every single one of them can perform at its best. 

The following points list the key and main developments Merelli is able to offer:

Every single ski is carefully laminated manually, through a selection of carbon layers with different modulation weight to guarantee high standards in the performance and give each ski its own precious uniqueness.
The distribution of the different layers is based on a precise logic that has been studied to precisely distribute tensions and forces that apply when the ski is used.    
The core of our skis is designed with specific material that is used for aeronautics. 
This material, thanks to its optimal structure, guarantees a strong support in the printing, optimising at best  the solidity of the carbon layers. 
The final result is a monocoque structure that has no imperfections. 
Core Soft System is a type of technology applied in aeronautics and is a great help in the dispersion of vibrations.  
On top of the ski core, a special material is inserted and it actively contributes at the absorption and consequently dispersion of vibrations without affecting the sensitivity of the skier and sustaining precision and stability in every condition.  
The modulation of the different carbon layers allow a homogeneous control in the ski torsion in the phase of curving. 
The tip and back of the ski are produced with a specific modulation, which means precision and stability in practical words. This concept is a security for the whole curving process when skiing.  
  MZEro start control tech.  
Here in Casa Merelli,  MZero is our truthful Entry Level option.
This model has been the pioneer of Merelli's collections all these years and it is now the strong base our other skis are developed on. Perfect for everyone who is a first timer with our brand. A type of ski that is precise but easy with a reliable feeling to it straight away.  Ideal for the Race world, but also great option for excursions and day trips. 
Mlady soft control tech.
The Woman Version came out in 2016.
The Soft Control Technology is the result of an accurate fusion of fibers, especially designed to respond to the ladies' requirements and needs, for a softer option that guarantees perfect harmony. 
Mhybrid ultra control tech.

Top choice in our collection, the result of a 3-year development and produced with Ultra Control Technology, which allows it to be an ideal partner for enthusiasts and competitors.  

This ski is the lightest ski in the world. Our athletes are now winning prestigious international competitions with this pair all over the globe. It is recommended if you are looking for a ski that is easy but determined and ready to go. This is possible through an accurate weight disposition in the heart of the ski that softens its composition to guarantee stability in every condition.  

Mgt tour control tech.

Our Gran Tour Model is the icon and historical  option of Casa Merelli. 

Tour Control Technology takes care of the needs of the enthusiasts, who are looking for comfort. This ski is designed for long tours and adventures. 

 Its length of 166 cm makes it a very dynamic ski with high potentials and it can sustain long performances without losing its precise touch and capability downhill. 

VRT urv control tech.

This model has been planned, drawn and produced for Vertical Competitions or on piste. Its geometry is very essential and ideal for quick uphill sections and very technical downhill. Built with URV Control Technology, which allows a blend of layers with high density to have a sharpen bridge in order to facilitate the quick response of the load distribution.

The lightest ski in the world, only 585 grams.


The difference between the two models is the type of fibers used in their construction. 

The MZero Classic Version has been produced with a type of carbon fiber that has always been side by side with Merelli. A mixture of weight distribution and precise study that have consolidated our work in this field for now over four years and where all our developments are based.   

LIMITED Version, on the other hand, is an innovation that comes from last season and it is easily recognised by its white graphics but also by the type of carbon applied  as the squared are visibly wider. 

This last choice is the result of a three-year process on studying the best disposition of layers to increase elasticity and have a comfortable pair of skis and easy to manage.  This type of fiber presents a very light modularity. It is visible in Formula 1's cockpit and it is the most prestigious solution available and it is now a core part for our MZero.

The new version called "HYBRID" will be presented in January 2018.  

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