Merelli Ski    the lightest ski in the world

The experience developed  right in the field and the hard work for offering the highest technological solutions allow Merelli to launch innovative products in the market. The selection offered can count on high quality composite fibers, lightness and reliability.

The hunger for innovation makes Merelli Composites a reality, an Italian firm, which has been working in composites materials for more than 30 years and has been involved with the Top Performance Advanced Sector for about 10 years, providing high quality technology.

Our team, young and dynamic, always helps with commitment to find and develop new concepts and materials. Our aim is to offer to all of you, who put their trust in our brand, revolutionary products every year.  There is a wide range of athletes and loyal clients, who rely on Dino Merelli’s knowledge and thankfully the results in international competitions, demonstrate the effectiveness of this collaboration.

Our passion and persistent research for perfection are the ideal combination for this big dream and mission we have. The plan is to always look at the future with the ambition we have had since day one.


                                                                                                                             Our Life, your Enjoyment.