Application and Technology




The Autoclave is the most used system in our company. It cover about 80% of the production. It is the fundamental system required for the production of products with high structural content and flawless finishing.

The printing can be flat (standard moulds) or vertical, through the use of another autoclave (for longer measurements).



LENGTH MAX: 4000 mm

WIDTH MAX: 1800 mm



Wrapping is the right technology for the production of cylindrical or conical items. It is based on the application of layers of pre-preg fiber and consequently the polymerization and compacting in the autoclave. 

The max length available is about 5000 mm.



LENGTH MAX: 4000 mm

WIDTH MAX: 1500 mm


The Presse is the quickest printing option for a cycle of production. This technology allows to produce components using composites or laminated materials with different thickness. By applying the concept of heat and pression, the layers become compact and the time-line for the production cycle is reduced in relation to using an autoclave. 



LENGTH MAX: 2000 mm

WIDTH MAX: 1000 mm